Economics for All
Study Group

Economics for All was a biweekly study group at Rabbits Road Insitute, open to all, with no prior knowledge of economics required. We facilitated the sessions, but the group was encouraged to learn and share knowledge collectively and collaboratively. The first session brainstormed a wide variety of topics that individuals in the group were interested in learning about. These varied from day-to-day realities such as austerity and housing to more philosophical ideas that questioned what money is. Topics for study were then chosen by consensus.

Over the course of the study groups, we invited a number of guests: writer Will Kherbek to feed into the discussions; Duncan McCann, researcher at the New Economics Foundation, to give a talk on monetary policy and complementary currencies; Jubilee Debt Economics Justice Project to give a workshop on austerity. We also supported a workshop called ‘SNAP!’ about the future of study group member Mohammed J Ali and his collaborator Roderigo Lebrun.