Money, Money, Money
Jerwood Space, London
Exhibition, Study Group

Three study groups addressed the topic of money, from its inception and history to contemporary finance, to attempts at alternative economies. We used books and materials from The Working Class Movement Library and invited ‘discussants’ from the fields of finance and economics: William Kherbek, writer and teacher of Economic Literacy at Occupy London’s Bank of Ideas; KC Liang, former City trader; and Aaron Peters, a Phd candidate at Royal Holloway University and blogger.

Session 1. The Money Device: From Material to Abstraction
Covering pre-money civilisations, the introduction of money as a representation of value to the increased abstraction of the money markets.

Session 2. Money and Human Behaviour: Debt and Desire
This group charted the connections between neo-liberalism, consumerism and debt, and the difference between needs and desire-motivated spending.

Session 3. Whose Economics? Alternatives to the Status Quo
Exploring alternative economies that exist or could exist, and how established economic thought might be challenged or changed.

Money, Money Money was part of the group exhibition Now I Gotta Reason, co-curated by Marcus Coates and Grizedale Arts which focused on art production as a useful and productive activity. It featured work by artists who place themselves within communities as enablers, adding creativity solutions, answering questions and creating sustainable and valued projects. Other artists in the show included: An Endless Supply, Tania Bruguera, Michael Davis, Fernando Garcia Dory, Steve Ounanian, and My Villages.

Photographs by Hydar Dewachi