The Rich as a Minority Group teaching posters

A set of 4 A2, 3-colour lithograph teaching posters  for leading workshops on The Rich as a Minority Group. The posters were developed through an active project with GCSE Sociology classes from Little Ilford School in Manor Park, Newham. Each one outlines a series of questions, starting points, and provocations for the classroom, college or community centre, for studies that seek to change the future:

  1. The Rich as a Minority Group – thinking through the title
  2. Power, Capital and Happiness – questions to get the group thinking
  3. Structures in Society – facts and ideas about how they support the rich
  4. What is Active Research? – ideas for active and creative approaches to study

Design by Joe Hales. Illustrations by Rosanna Traina.

£8 each, £25 for the set, plus £3.95 UK p&p. Please enquire for international postage.
Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter is a small publication considers ways in which we might learn collaboratively and democratically, and what the political implications of this are. As the culmination of The Alternative School of Economics’s weekly Conversation Club at Rabbits Road Institute, it asks both ‘what’s political about learning English?’ and ‘how can we learn English politically?’.

The premise of a Conversation Club has been to bring together non-native English speakers to give space and time to ‘conversations that matter’ – to practise speaking English whilst talking about personal, political and social issues, and trying to get to grips with how the things that affect our lives are connected to the bigger picture.

Design by An Endless Supply. Illustration by Rosie Traina.

£4, plus 95p UK p&p. Please enquire for international postage.