Skill Swap Bazaar
Jerwood Space, London
Exhibition, Skill Exchange

A weekly Skill Swap Bazaar was inspired by the Equitable Labour Exchange set up by the social reformer and philanthropist Robert Owen (1771-1858). We held weekly events where participants could propose their skills, then ran a match-making service to connect those interested in each other’s skills. They were asked to sign a contract to dedicate an hour (or more) of their services. Skills swapped included bike fixing, French lessons, text editing, dancing and pottery.

The Skill Swap Bazaar was part of the group exhibition Now I Gotta Reason, co-curated by Marcus Coates and Grizedale Arts which focused on art production as a useful and productive activity. It featured work by artists who place themselves within communities as enablers, adding creativity solutions, answering questions and creating sustainable and valued projects. Other artists in the show included: An Endless Supply, Tania Bruguera, Michael Davis, Fernando Garcia Dory, Steve Ounanian, and My Villages.

Photographs by Hydar Dewachi