Story of Money
Exhibition, Workshop

What is money? Is it good or bad? If you made your own money, what would it look like? Have you ever lost or found money? What would it be like if there was no money?

These questions were starting points for a series of creative workshops for children, young people and their families during our 18 month commission in Manor Park, Newham. Though making and doing, the workshops were designed to question attitudes and assumptions about money, and its role in our society.

The workshops were held at the Mayor’s Newham Show, at Manor Park Library, and at Rabbits Road Institute, and we collaborated with writer Andrea Mason and artist Laura X Carlé.

The Story of Money Exhibition, September 2016

The exhibition was a collaboration between The Alternative School of Economics and artist and educator Laura X Carlé.

Laura X Carlé led a series of free, creative workshops for local children and young people, which explored our relationship to money through the making of fantastical objects; oversized coins, protest placards, a giant money machine, cardboard jewelry and a bank that was built and destroyed in one afternoon. The exhibition was interactive and family friendly, and showcased the work of the children and young people.