Why Study the Rich?
Rabbits Road Institute, London
23 April 2016

Why Study the Rich? An afternoon of talks and discussion brought together cross-disciplinary approaches to studying wealth in society. It asked how these studies – of the rich, of the relationships between money and power, of our perceptions of wealth and success, might reveal a deeper understanding of the conditions of contemporary life and contribute to the debate about inequality in society.

Why Study the Rich? heard from sociologists, activists, writers and artists whose scrutiny, investigation and differing perspectives challenge cultural narratives and societal structures that are intrinsically linked to the maintenance of power.

Invited speakers were Jo Littler, Katarina Hecht, Roger Burrows, Alexandra Runswick, Jeremy Gilbert and Aditya Chakrabortty, with a screening of Laure Provosts’ film ‘How to Make Money Religiously’.

This event reflected on The Rich as a Minority Group, a project we made with GCSE Sociology students from Little Ilford School in Manor Park. Over four months, we worked with the students and teachers to investigate and gather material about wealth, class and social and economic inequality.



Photographs by Emil Charlaff